Identity Parade

There may be times when strangers need to come into your home to check on meters or repair things. If this happens, remind the adults who care for you to ask the stranger to show his or her identity card to prove they are who they say they are.

Remember - You should never let a stranger into your home. No call is ever too important to wait until an adult that you trust is in the house with you.

I.D. Basics

An example of an identity badge.
  1. A Transco I.D. card should have a photograph of the person who is showing it. Make sure the photo matches the person. Watch out for people who try to cover it.
  2. All Transco I.D. cards have a unique number. If in doubt call Transco and ask them to check the number and the card.
  3. All Transco I.D. cards have a date of issue (the date when the person was given the card). Check this carefully.


Look closely at each of the I.D. cards and their owners. Which one do you think is genuine?

Four identity badges with their carriers. Only one is valid.

Name: Roz Brown

Unique number: 32895

Date of issue: 01.08.2019

Name: Dave Brown

Unique number: 20735

Date of issue: 02.12.2019

Name: Jane Smith

Unique number: 87321

Date of issue: 16.06.2019

Name: Susan Grey

Unique number: 20192